Importance Of Metal Business Cards


Metal business cards are unique and they stand out.   Metal business cards are only handed out to special people.   Those who are trying to get potential clients should give them metal business cards because they will always see them  and they are hard to throw away.

To improve one’s image in front of potential clients, one can hand  metal business cards.

Metal business cards enhance credibility.  Metal cards also advertise a company or business.    One can put a metal business card  in their wallet or pocket  and this makes  them convenient to carry around.

Metal business cards do not  fade or get torn  like paper business card.   One can  issue potential clients with  constant information about them when they issue them with a metal business card. If  a wallet falls in water,  the metal business card will not get damaged by the water.  Companies and businesses that want to make a statement can use metal business cards because they can afford to pay for them.

Metal business cards are shared  among top management.   Metal business cards  will leave a lasting impression on a potential client.  Metal business cards have unique designs   that are visually appealing.

Personalized design services are available to clients.

Metal cards don’t only have to be in a rectangular shape but can be in any other shape that a client wants.   They are good conversation starters  in  any setting.  The options that are available are mirror finishes, brushed, and mattee.

Materials used to make metal cards include steel, carbon fibre  and aluminium.  Some of the designs available are cutouts,  die-cut shapes, vibrant  colours, dual plating,  layered etching and etched texture.

A metal business card contains your name and all that you do just like a normal paper  business card.  Personality can be seen through the design of a  metal card.   Metal cards at do not use a lot of information  and  are mostly simple in  their wording.

When clients keep looking at a metal card you know you’ve got a good design.   The clients  can say how thick they want their business cards to be.   It is possible to include logo designs on metal business cards.  The logo design on a metal business card can either be raised or recessed.

A client should always insist on readable text on their metal cards.  One does not always have to use graphics in a metal card,  they can use typography to pass information across and  for decorative purposes.   Clients  who choose  metal cards with color  have more noticeable gold business cards than those who do not use color.

It is possible to mask  fingerprints using different finishes for metal cards.   Clients who wish to have special cards can request for gold plating or silver plating.  To get an outstanding metal card,  a client should listen to the advice  of  metal card makers during the design process. Look for more facts about business cards at


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